Now that your basement is dry...

What homeowner wouldn't want to have extra space in their home that they could use for anything they'd like? It's now possible with the E3 Wall System from SafeBasements™. While your family may be outgrowing your current home, it costs a lot of money to put your property on the market and attempt to find another one that meets all your needs. Instead, it's much easier to stay in your current home and just finish the basement with our system. 

When you have a dry, safe, and healthy basement, you'll be able to turn it into anything you want, including:

  • Extra bedrooms

  • Guest rooms

  • Home offices

  • Home gyms

  • Playrooms for the kids

  • Craft or hobby areas

  • Storage space

The E3 Wall System is a non-load bearing free standing wall that is known for making basements much more energy efficient. They are made from eco-friendly materials, and they will give your basement walls a clean, fresh, and modern look. The system will also provide insulation and the surface can be painted over to match the rest of the area.

It can be installed quickly in the following steps:

1. The wall is prepared. A vapor barrier is installed.

2. The E3 wall is spread out for the installation.

3. The E3 wall base channel is attached at the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor).

4. The E3 top plate is attached toward the basement ceiling.

5. The E3 wall foam and E3 I-beams are installed.

This basement finishing has the following features:

  • Internal electrical conduit for easy wiring

  • Pre-cut foam for easy 16" on center wall layout

  • 2 1/2" closed cell insulation for a true R-10 value

  • Studs manufactured from 100% recycled, high-density polyethylene materials

  • Will never rot, warp, or decay

  • No organic materials used in material which could support mold and fungus growth

E3 Wall System
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